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F.A.Q. (Frequently asked questions)

What is deadstock?

The Sergery stock a selection of carefully selected deadstock fabrics as a way to extend our range.

Deadstock occurs when a fashion label or fabric seller has stock surplus to their needs and offloads it to a third party for a low price. So it's a nifty way to help reduce waste and get your hands on some truly special fabrics at a great price. 

However, the items found are often in short supply, so if you're falling in love you best get all you'll think you'll need as once it's gone, it's gone.

Tell me about your fabric collection ...

The Sergery's Fabric collection is a curated range of quality fabrics in a range of fashion colours, and we try to stick to ethically made natural fibres where possible. If you are after a fabric in a particular shade that we do not have in stock, please contact us as we may be able to order it in. Please also be aware that fabrics may change slightly in colour from roll to roll, so it's safest to order the fabric for an entire garment in one go.

Can I order swatches?

Yes you can! We totally understand that sewing is an incredibly tactile and visual hobby and nothing really beats having the fabric in your hands to touch and see it. When you purchase a sample pack, we provide up to 5 samples of your choice.

Are your patterns in Metric or Imperial?

Patterns are created in Metric and then translated to Imperial, so both!

I've spotted an error in your patterns!

Oops! These things do happen. While I do and coordinate heaps of testing and proofing of everything I produce, I am only human. Drop us a line at hello@the-sergery.com.au and I'll get right on it. Found errors are listed on our errata page. Thanks for that!

I'm confused by a step in your patterns ...

Ah no! I have tried to make my instructions as thorough and clear as possible so sorry about that, I also like to make blogs on various topics involved with my patterns so be sure to check if your issue isn't explained in greater detail there

Can I sell the things I've made using The Sergery's Patterns?

While we're thrilled you like our patterns so much, they are licensed for individual use only, so they can only be used by yourself to make garments for yourself or to gift. They cannot be used to create saleable product.

How do you deliver your patterns?

Because our patterns are digital, they are sent directly to your email for immediate use, yay! These files tend to only work on laptops or desktops (Not phones or tablets, sorry.) So make sure you download them onto one of those for use. If you are having any trouble with receiving your puchase, please make sure to check your spam and junk folders, then contact us at hello@the-sergery.com.au.

What payments do you accept?

Currently we accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Paypal for secure payment.

Why don’t you have printed patterns?

I am looking into this, but in order to launch I wanted to provide a purely digital range of products. If there is a great demand to have ready-made printed products I will create and release physical patterns, so please let me know if this is what you want through my socials! If you don’t ask, you don’t get :)

What is The Sergery doing towards size inclusivity?

We’re working on it! Currently, we offer sizing to cover a bust measurement of between 78cm (28 ¾”) and 118cm (46 ½”). Admittedly the vast majority of my experience has been focussed on the 'regular' size range of women, however, I am currently studying how and I’m creating blocks to fit larger sizes and how to do it properly. I would much rather be confident that I’m releasing an amazingly sized pattern so when I’m happy with my capabilities to do so, I will be more than happy to offer a wider size range. In fact I look forward to it.

How is The Sergery focused on improving sustainability?

I’m glad you asked, we’re happy to see people interested in creating a better future! As a small business we can easily make changes and do what we can to limit our waste and impact. Currently we undertake whatever we can think of to shrink our footprint by incorporating the 5 R’s (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose and Recycle) into our business practices whenever possible. For example, we keep usable scraps of fabric and paper and try to work with natural fibres as much as possible, so that we can compost our waste if we cannot use them to create something else first.

But why do you post using plastic then?

Though we strive to be as ecologically sound as possible, sometimes it needs to be balanced out with effective practices, our delivery packaging is one such matter. We currently post your parcels out using cardboard or soft plastic postal packaging and this is for a few reasons.

While compostable bags have come along in leaps and bounds over a short amount of time, there have been issues with bags splitting during the delivery process as they may not receive the same level of love and care that we provide along their journey to you, and we want them to arrive in the best possible condition. A split bag means potentially unusable fabric that make not make it to the destination, a waste of another kind. Compostable bags also need to be used up within a short period of time lest they start degrading before use, so we are currently guaging how many parcels we send out in a set time to prevent overordering and again, creating waste. We plan to keep an eye on progress in this technology and are keen to move over in the future when the balance is right.

We would also like you to know that our current postal packaging can be recycled using the following methods:

Small cardboard parcels can be easily popped in your compost (once any plastic tape is removed) or recycling bins at the end of their usefullness.

Soft plastic post bags can have their paper address labels removed before being reused or recycled through redcycle.

Are you after pattern testers?

If you’re keen please drop me a line at hello@the-sergery.com.au, with your Bust, Waist, Hip and Height, as well as any social media you show off your makes, I might just be in need of your help!

Anything else?

We're happy to chat to you at hello@the-sergery.com.au if we've missed something, Happy sewing!