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Nine ways to find your Sewjo and Sewing Motivation again

the sergery sewing patterns nine ways to cure sewing burnout

CREATIVE BURNOUT. Not just confined to our working lives, this little cow of a situation can even affect our hobbies. If you've been feeling like you've lost your sewjo lately here are some ideas to help you find your love of sewing and creating again!

-Do it for others. Charitable crafting can give you the best warm and fuzzies. Have a look to see if there’s a need anywhere. For example, there were the little wildlife pouches after the bushfires or sewing masks and scrubs to thank medical staff in the pandemic. 

-Make it a gift. Making something for that friend or family member who you know will really appreciate it can help you remember why you love creativity. Something small like sewing a tea towel and napkin set is a great place to start.

-Find a community. It can be hard when you have a hobby and no one you see in your everyday life is interested! Find some groups to join on facebook, your nation or area should at least have a group. A favourite of mine is the local division of the Spoolettes on Facebook in Australia, but there’s also places like reddit and discords if that’s more your thing. Look for sewing, dressmaking, sewing pattern and fabric groups to get you started.

-Reorganise your fabric/pattern stash. It might feel counterintuitive to give yourself an assignment like this but chances are you'll find something past you bought that will spark some excitement. Perhaps that dress project you were planning to make this time last year and never got around to?

-Start small. Sometimes you just need something quick and easy to have a fast win and get that I-made-it! satisfaction. Why not sew up a cute hat or simple top? This is also known as low lying fruit; small effort, big payoff!

-Seek inspiration. Get on the computer! Look on Pinterest and Instagram and look up some searches and hashtags that will give you a look at what others are making, I especially love checking out ones like #makenine2021 and upcoming collections from international designers.

-Look sidewards. If the thought of pulling out your sewing machine is filling you with dread but you still need a creative outlet, look at some other hobbies you can get into. Knitting, crochet, soap making, painting, embroidery, macrame, quilting, scrapbooking, I truly could go on. Find something that you instantly feel drawn towards and have a look into it this week.

-Big hairy audacious sewing projects. This one can go either way, but for those of you who respond to a challenge could benefit from planning something H U G E. Think the fancy dress, a overcoat that you will wear for years, sewing a tailored suit or something you might relegate to an impossible pile like making a bra! Plan every detail and make it something you’ll be proud of.

-Smaller audacious sewing projects. In a similar vein to the above but maybe not as scary, look at sewing something you haven’t tried before. If you’re a master of kids clothes, try sewing something for an adult. If you’re a champion of knits or wovens, try the opposite.

Hopefully there’s something in my list above that will help get you looking at sewing in a more positive way, but don’t forget that it’s not worth getting stressed about and sometimes we do just need a break for a bit. If you have any tricks you use to get yourself out of a sewing funk I’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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