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Kirra Shorts Sew-along : Before you start

the sergery sewing patterns kirra shorts sewalong tutorial

Hey team! As a part of the launch support for our debut sewing patterns, I want to show you how easily you can have your own pair of incredibly comfortable and stylish shorts. Kirra is a beautiful pattern, great for advanced beginners who are comfortable with wovens but who want to try something a little different, and there are no pesky zippers to fuss with.

What supplies will I need to make this pattern?

  • A copy of the Kirra Shorts sewing pattern, printed (and stuck together if you've opted for the tiled version.
  • The recommended amount of Fabric (you can find the amount on page 3 of the Instructions or on the pattern's listing page here).
  • 38mm (1.5") wide elastic.

the sergery sewing patterns khaki fabric kirra shorts sew along tutorial

What fabrics should I look for?

The types of fabrics you want to look for to create your Kirra shorts are medium-weight wovens. Some great examples are natural fibre twills, broadcloths and drills, linen types, and light denim. We want to steer away from anything too light and sheer for obvious reasons, as well as anything too heavy as the topstitched waistband won't gather nicely. Look for something that sits around the middle of the body vs. drape scale, so a bit of body without too much crunchy structure is amazing. For our sew-along example, I'm using pure cotton broadcloth in an earthy shade of khaki. I also highly recommend pre-washing your fabric before cutting.

the sergery sewing patterns kirra shorts sew along tutorial

What size should I make?

A lot of people fall between two sizes when they take their measurements for a sewing pattern. Kirra Shorts have a good amount of ease, so if you prefer a more fitted silhouette, try the size below. You can also check the finished garment size chart for a more informed choice.

Any pattern adjustments I should think about?

The Sergery sewing patterns are drafted for a 170cm tall feminine form, so if you're vastly taller or shorter than that you may want to add or remove length at the recommended spots on the front and back pattern pieces. Be wary that if you take away more than a couple of centimetres (1/2") your pockets may get tucked into your cuffs. However, our models stand at 180cm (Hayley) and 175cm (Brodie) and we did not make any length adjustments.
If you're thinking the Kirras are a bit baggy you can take the side seams in a smidge, (make sure you remove from the waistband side seam too!), but don't remove from the inner thigh seams or you might end up with some fit issues, and no one wants a funny looking crotch ...
One last one you might want to consider is if you have a larger butt. If your crotch tends to be a bit tight in ready to wear or other trouser's you've made, add a little to the inner thigh seam on the back piece.

That's it for today, go and get your things together and meet me nest time for cutting help and sewing the pockets! Let me know if you have any questions below!

Part two is over here!

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