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Bonus cuff pattern pieces for the Kirra Shorts!

So, you found yourself a gorgeous striped fabric for your Kirra shorts and you want the stripes to run the other way on the cuffs? I gotchu fam!
I have just created and uploaded a bonus pattern piece just for this, and you can download it right here, for FREE!
Here's what you'll want to do once you have it, Enjoy!
1. Print (and tape together if necessary) your cuff pieces.
2. Prep your front and back pattern pieces, Measure and remove 10cm (4") from the bottom of these pieces, I recommend folding them under so you can still use the full pattern later.
3. Cut out your pattern following the instructions given on the pieces, but here's a tricky bit, for the best result you want your stripes to match! You can make a mark the same distance down on all the cuff piece sides, and match it to the same point in your fabric's pattern to help. You want it the same on all four cuff pieces.
4. Carry on with the normal Kirra instructions until you reach Step 27, then follow here instead. With right sides together, match a front cuff to a back cuff piece, matching the notch (and the stripes!). Pin and sew the shorts edges together to create a loop and repeat with the other front and back cuff.
5. Press seams to the back, and fold and press in half with wrong sides facing.
7. Pin the right side of the cuffs, to the inside of your short hems. Ensure that the notches are on the inner leg. Sew together and finish the seam.
8. Understitch the seam with the seam allowance toward the body, then press the cuff into place, the understitch really helps to create a nice roll so don't skip that step! 
9. Secure the cuffs in place with a few backtacked machine stitches or hand stitchs at the side and inner leg seams. If you'd like you can also do a few around the cuffs to secure them in place.
Beautiful! All done!

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