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Sewing Expertise

  • New! The Sergery is now selling Fabrics!

    What a trip the last few months have been. For those who haven't been following my adventures in my emails, (sign up at the bottom of this page, y...
  • Common sewing terms (and what they actually mean!)

    If you're new to the world of sewing it can be daunting, I'm not going to lie. There are so many new terms to learn, how are you supposed to know what a notch is? What is edgestiching? What is this selvedge (selvage for the Americans!) thing I keep seeing?
    I've put together a list of common sewing terms - a sewing glossary if you like - with how to do them. Feel free to bookmark or pin this page so you can find it again when you need it!
  • Nine ways to find your Sewjo and Sewing Motivation again

    CREATIVE BURNOUT. Not just confined to our working lives, this little cow of a situation can even affect our hobbies. If you've been feeling like you've lost your sewjo lately here are some ideas to help you find your love of sewing and creating again
  • Kirra Shorts Sew-along: Waistband and Cuffs

    The end is in sight folks, by the end of this blog, you will have yourself the cutest and comfiest shorts in your wardrobe, so let's hop to it!
  • Kirra Shorts Sew-along: Front and Back

    Thanks for joining me for part three of the Kirra Shorts Sew-along. By the end of today, your shorts are going to look a lot more like, well ... shorts as opposed to that pile of fabric pieces!
  • Kirra Shorts Sew-along : Cutting and Pockets

    Your fabric is all washed and pressed? Excellent! Let's get going.
  • The Sergery Sewing Pattern's size survey

    Just a minor change in our broadcasting. Sewists, we need your help!
  • Kirra Shorts Sew-along : Before you start

    Hey team! As a part of the launch support for our debut sewing patterns, I want to show you how easily you can have your own pair of incredibly comfortable and stylish Shorts.
  • Bonus cuff pattern pieces for the Kirra Shorts!

    So, you found yourself a gorgeous striped fabric for your Kirra shorts and you want the stripes to run the other way on the cuffs? I gotchu fam!
  • How to choose the right needle for your sewing project

    One of the quickest ways to make sure you start your sewing project right is to have the best needles for the job. Choosing the correct needle is ...